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Zeke's Coffee

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Shadow Blend

Step out of your shadow and GET LOUD with the smoky, deep flavor of an Italian Roast and the rich earthiness of the Guatemalan bean. Just like our community, they create a bold, full bodied cup with dark complexity that could surely chase off the chill of any eclipse.

Rustbuilt Espresso

Built up from the flavors of tireless workhorse beans, the bold Colombian and Guatemalan paired with the unceremoniously present Indian Monsooned Malabar flavor of the Rustbuilt blend warms your soul with the feeling of original, hand cranked innovation.

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

This fine coffee is the premium washed coffee out of Ethiopia. When roasted medium-dark, the acidity and rich bodied flavor comes through.

Guatemalan Huehuetenango

With the distinctive balance of Guatemalan coffee, these beans offer a lively, full flavor and completeness that creates a smooth, medium bodied cup with a hint of citrus or spice.

Mexican Chiapas

These all natural beans from the country's southern mountains offer a medium bodied coffee with a bright and slightly chocolaty flavor.

Decaf French

Roasted dark, to a bittersweet and rich perfection, these water processed beans will give their caffeinated counterparts some fierce competition when it comes to aroma and flavor.

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